Frozen: Olaf's 15 Greatest Quotes (2023)

The Frozen franchise has proven to be one of the most popular moves that Disney has ever created, with the sequel certainly living up to expectations. With a brilliant story and stunning animation, the films are easy to watch and the characters are written perfectly with deep emotion so that audiences can easily connect with them.

One of the big reasons the movies are so great is Olaf. The Frozen snowman brings an amazing sense of warmth (yes, there is irony there,) and humor to the films and he has quickly become one of the most popular Disney characters of all time. Performed brilliantly by Josh Gad, the popular actor brings the right balance of laughs and emotion to the character.


Updated on August 14th, 20202by Kevin Pantoja: After the release of Frozen 2, the franchise expanded and with it so did the character of Olaf. The fan favorite got even more opportunities to deliver quotes that were both hilarious and heartwarming. Those are two traits that really define the iconic snowman and have helped make him popular enough to have his own series of shorts available on Disney+. His quotes across both movies shine a light on one of the best new characters created by Disney during the 2010s.

"Some People Are Worth Melting For."

An Iconic Line

Frozen: Olaf's 15 Greatest Quotes (1)

This is arguably Olaf's most well-known quote and it showcases the kindness in his heart. He's the perfect Disney sidekick for a reason, which is because of his loyalty and friendship and when the fire starts to save Anna, he is well aware it will cause him to melt.

The fact that he does it anyway shows what his personality is like and why he's so great. He's willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for his friend, and this sweet line is one that will bring tears to people as it happens.

"It's An Anagram For Naked Norwegians. And I Can't Even Read."

Classic Olaf

Frozen: Olaf's 15 Greatest Quotes (2)

Olaf's spin-off movie, Once Upon A Snowman continued to deliver incredible quotes from everyone's favorite Snowman. This moment comes from him heading into Wandering Oaken's, where he makes a brilliant observation about the name.

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The full quote is even funnier, with Olaf stating: "Wandering Oaken's? Do you know that if you scramble up those letters, it's an anagram for Naked Norwegians? And I can't even read." It just showcases his brilliant observation skills, adding in his humor at the very end.

"I Don't Have A Skull...Or Bones."

Well, He's Not Wrong

Frozen: Olaf's 15 Greatest Quotes (3)

Of course, Olaf doesn't have a skull or bones, after all, he is a snowman. However, the fact that he feels the need to address those to people who already know it makes the quote so hilarious. Josh Gad's delivery is perfect for this one as well, being as dry and deadpan as possible.

Olaf constantly bringing up situations like this are one of the reasons the character is so likable. He's incredibly funny and just confidently stating that he has no skull or bones is very funny to hear.

"So I'm Made Of Snow, And I'm Walking On Snow. That's Kind Of Weird."

Ever The Observant Snowman

Frozen: Olaf's 15 Greatest Quotes (4)

Throughout the movies, Olaf often makes observations about the fact he is a snowman, questioning why he can or cannot do certain things. During his spin-off film, Olaf wonders how he is able to walk on snow, while also being made out of it, which is a good point when you think about it.

These kinds of questions are what make him such a brilliant character. He's never satisfied with not knowing things, and the character openly points out flaws from the movies or about his character, which is something that adults really enjoy.

"Don't Chew That, You Don't Know What I Stepped In."

A Typical Olaf Joke

Frozen: Olaf's 15 Greatest Quotes (5)

Olaf quite often falls apart and ends up with his pieces all over the place which he then has to try and put together. However, sometimes, some other people end up with his arms or legs and that is how this incredible quote comes, which just shows Olaf's funny side again.

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Instead of being concerned that his leg isn't attached to his body, he is worried about other people. He happily mocks himself, admitting he could have stood in anything, which showcases his funnier side once again, which doesn't get old.

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"I Can't Feel My Legs."

There's A Reason For That

Frozen: Olaf's 15 Greatest Quotes (6)

Speaking of his body falling apart, in the original Frozen, Olaf shows a little more concern when he lands on the floor and he cannot feel his legs. He just screams this quote out repeatedly until he then randomly just finds them and instantly calms down.

It's a hilarious moment that breaks up quite a serious part of the movie. He's a character that really is built to make people laugh and this quote is a perfect example of that, showing his innocence.

"I Kind Of Look Like A Fernando... Or A Trevor."

He Doesn't Think He's An Olaf

Frozen: Olaf's 15 Greatest Quotes (7)

Throughout Once Upon A Snowman, Olaf is searching to determine his name and his purpose. Obviously, he eventually remembers he is Olaf, and he likes warm hugs, but for a brief point, he questions whether or not he could have other names.

It is the sheer randomness of the names that he selects which makes this moment so funny. Olaf just plucks these names out of thin air, despite not actually knowing any names, which is hilarious. It would've been funny to see Olaf Presents changed to Fernando Presents or Trevor Presents.

"I Just Thought Of One Thing That's Permanent. Love."

Olaf Is The Sweetest

Frozen: Olaf's 15 Greatest Quotes (8)

In Frozen 2, Olaf starts to think about things a little more seriously as he worries about the amount of change going on in his life. With constant alterations going on, Olaf wonders what is happening throughout the entire film and that leads to this brilliant quote taking place.

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Olaf understands love and romance very well, and that is clear, which is why this quote is fantastic. He ends up trying to reassure himself that there is one thing that is permanent, and that is love, which is very sweet.

(Video) 13 times Olaf had an existential crisis.

"Change Mocks Us With Her Beauty."

A Surprisingly Poignant Line

Frozen: Olaf's 15 Greatest Quotes (9)

Another great quote from Frozen 2 is this one where Olaf continues to grapple with the idea of change and how things are always being mixed up. He has a very philosophical view of the world in the sequel, which is a very funny twist on his character as he tries to become more mature.

This is a great example of that as he ponders over change being a literal person and how it is constantly mocking people. He accepts that change is a beautiful thing, but it is still very funny to see him thinking about things in such an old-fashioned manner.

"Bright Side? Turtles Can Breathe Through Their Butts."

Olaf Pulls Out The Most Random Facts

Frozen: Olaf's 15 Greatest Quotes (10)

Here's a great example of how Olaf is able to blend in comedy and his caring thought process into one as he busts out an absolutely ridiculous fact about how turtles can breathe through their butts. He says this in order to provide some positivity and hope, but it is absolutely hilarious.

The whole thing just comes completely out of nowhere and it is absolutely hilarious. It is a line that gets every member of the audience, regardless of their age and that's why it's such a fantastic line.

"Well, That Was Unanimous--But I Will Look It Up When We Get Home."

Where Is He Going To Look It Up?

Frozen: Olaf's 15 Greatest Quotes (11)

This moment is one of the funniest from Frozen 2 with Olaf providing all of his facts and stats as he argues along with his group of friends in a fun manner. They question some of his facts, and all agree that he's wrong, and the way he accepts that decision is so funny.

Olaf is happy with their answer, simply because they all agree. However, he doesn't quite believe them, admitting he will check up on it. The extra line just really makes this moment so much fun, with Olaf questioning things to the finest margin.

"Hi, I'm Olaf And I Like Warm Hugs."

Warm Might Not Be A Good Idea

Frozen: Olaf's 15 Greatest Quotes (12)

This is another iconic line that Olaf delivers and is one that brings about such joy and happiness right from his introduction. It's impossible not to be instantly connected to a character who just tells everyone that he likes warm hugs, because who doesn't like that?

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It's just a perfect quote that sums up Olaf and his personality. He is someone who just cares as his whole function is to cheer other people up which is why he loves warm hugs so much in the first place.

"Love Is Putting Someone Else’s Needs Before Yours."

More Poignant Quotes From Olaf

Frozen: Olaf's 15 Greatest Quotes (13)

Olaf might bring a lot of humor to the Frozen world, but he is also incredibly caring and kind, which is why he is such a well-rounded character. It's also why fans love Olaf so much. This quote, as Anna is slowly starting to freeze is a brilliant example of his softer side, showcasing how he has quickly worked out what love is all about.

It's a great quote that a lot of people could learn from, which is why it's such a powerful message. People often confuse what love is all about, but Olaf's explanation is as simple, yet accurate, as it gets.

"It's Like A Little Baby Unicorn."

Again, He's Not Wrong

Frozen: Olaf's 15 Greatest Quotes (14)

One of Olaf's best qualities is the fact he can constantly change shape. It's a tool the animators use a lot, and that includes his carrot nose. In the sequel, he decides to swap it around, with the normal end sticking into his face, which leads Olaf to believe he looks like a unicorn.

It's just a simple moment, but it's harmless comedy and one line that will certainly have entertained younger audiences, which is ultimately what the character is in the movies. It's perfect.

"Oh, Look At That. I've Been Impaled."

A Comical Look At Pain

Frozen: Olaf's 15 Greatest Quotes (15)

This is the perfect example of how hilarious Olaf is within Frozen as he brings his dry sense of humor and absolutely nails it. His character is so playful and full of joy that he doesn't take many things seriously, and this is the best example of that.

(Video) When you watch Olaf as an adult and can completely relate...

After being launched through an icicle, Olaf ends with his body just hanging through the ice. While most would panic and not know what to do, Olaf provides an incredibly relaxed approach as he tells everyone he has been impaled, and it is impossible to not laugh here.



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