Frozen 2: 10 Best Olaf Quotes (2023)

As much as most people love Disney movies, their track record for making great sequels is not that strong. However, that is not the case when it comes to Frozen and its' sequel, FrozenII.The first movie was very well-received, and pretty much became an instant classic. Until the second one was released, it seemed hard to predict whether it would have the same success or not.

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However,it is actually very popular. Some people have even claimed that the sequel was better than the first movie. One of the things that everyone seemed to react very well to in the second installment in the series is the music. The lines are really good as well. Here are some of the best quotes from Olaf inFrozenII.


Oh How I Wish It Would Stay This Way Forever

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This Olaf line from FrozenIIis very relatable and while things obviously get very chaotic later on in the movie, the beginning of it is actually very calm. At the start, it seems like everything calmed down for everyone after the first movie ended, and it is almost like each of their lives became perfect.

That is why Olaf says this line near the start of the movie. But it is almost like he sensed that something was about to change, and things were going to get harder for a bit. After Olaf says this, he also expresses some concern that things will not always be as nice as they wereat that moment.

We Call This Making The Best Out Of What We Can Control

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Olaf is a character that is almost constantly changing from the start of the first Frozen movie until the end of the second one, and that is probably why this is one of his lines inFrozenII.At first, he always seems happy. But as both of the films go on, it seems a bit obvious that he also gets a little bit of anxiety during stressful situations, much like most people do.

Even though Olaf is a fictional snowman, he is actually relatable. He also makes a lot of sense during certain times, and this is one of them. He knows that some people do some interesting things in order to control their lives when things get chaotic.

Did You Know That An Enchanted Forest Is A Place Of Transformation?

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Those who are fans of the Frozenfilms know that Olaf is a source of many interesting bits of information, and this is one of the things he randomly says inFrozen 2. What makes this more interesting is the fact that Olaf says this line before anything really serious has happened, and he does not even know what it means.

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Nevertheless, this line actually turns out to be true. Anna and Elsa have strong connections to an enchanted forest, and it does change a lot of things for those characters.Yet even near the end of the film, Olaf doesn't know what this line means, despite the fact that he said it.

How Do You Guys Cope With The Ever-Increasing Complexity Of Thought That Comes With Maturity?

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This is another one of Olaf's best lines. Even though FrozenIIis nothing more than a Disney film, the things this character in it says, including this particularly insightful line, make so much sense. While it is true that Olaf is a snowman, he also seems to be a being that is maturing, much like a person.

Perhaps this is the case because he was created with Elsa's magic, instead of being built by ordinary people, like other snowmen are. Olaf appears to really care about Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, and Sven. Perhaps his worries stem from him thinking that they won't always be there. That is a legitimate thing to worry about, since they always seem to be in danger.

Advancing Technologies Will Be Both Our Savior And Our Doom

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In FrozenII,Olaf has a lot of very intriguing statements, and this is one of them. For some reason, he seems to think that the advancements that continue to be made in the world of technology will be both good and bad for society. That might seem silly in this cartoon world, but in reality, there are plenty of people who feel the same way.

Technology has allowed many people to communicate with one another during situations that would have otherwise kept them from it. But on the other hand, there are some people who appear to be getting addicted to technology.

I Don't Even Know A Samantha

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While Olaf makes sense most of the time (and probably more often than one would expect), he does have some rather silly lines, much like this one. Most of the sequel to Frozen sees Olaf spending all of his time with the other characters in the series.

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But there is a point in the sequel during which he basically ends up getting lost, and he starts to call out for Anna and Elsa. The part that makes this seen a bit funny is the fact that he randomly starts looking for someone named Samantha, and that is when he wonders out loud why he even thought of that name since he does not know anyone named Samantha.

I'd Hold Your Hair Back But I Can't Find My Arms

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There are a lot of things about Olaf that proves that he is a friend anyone would love to have by their side, and this quote of his is one of them. It seems that no matter what situation any of the other characters in the sequel to Frozen get involved in, he is always there to do whatever he can do to help them.

This line is a perfect example of that. When he says it, he is obviously missing his arms. However, he is actually more worried about helping Anna out than he is about putting his body back together.

On The Bright Side, Elsa's Got To Be Doing A Whole Lot Better Than We Are

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Those who are fans of the Frozenmovies probably know that the second one is pretty dark, and Olaf says this line during one of the most depressing parts of the movie. At this point in the film, Elsa is by herself trying to figure out where a mysterious voice she keeps hearing has been coming from, and Anna and Olaf are in a pretty dangerous spot.

However, Olaf does provide a small bit of comedic relief. He points out the fact that since they are not in a good situation at the moment, Elsa is probably way better off. But what makes this sad is the fact that he disappears not very long after that, since Elsa temporarily dies.

Do You Ever Worry About The Notion That Nothing Is Permanent?

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Olaf is a kind creature, but he does worry about some things, and this is a line he says when he starts to worry about life in general near the beginning of the movie. When he is hanging out with Anna, things get very serious for a moment when he asks her if she stresses over the fact that things might not always be the same.

That is probably something many people can relate to. The fact that Olaf is quite a relatable character might be what makes him so likable. Worrying is a part of life, even for a fictional snowman.

I Can't Wait Until I'm Ancient Like You, So I Don't Have To Worry About Important Things

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Olaf says this line to Anna when he is talking about the possibility that things might not always be the same. He believes that when he reaches an older age, things will make much more sense to him (there is even a scene in FrozenIIduring which he sings a song about this).

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This is another part of him that is relatable. Lots of people think life will make more sense to them when they get older. But the truth is that people are usually figuring it all out as they go. Life is simply surprising during many moments.

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What is Olaf's famous Frozen quotes? ›

What is Olaf's famous Frozen quotes?

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What is Olaf's most famous line?

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What did Olaf say in frozen 2?

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